Build a steel frame house for 800 Euro per sq.m for a fully finished property

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We are proposing you the unlimited opportunities that steel frame has to offer.

As the most developing and successful building technique on the market we are offering you the services of building steel frame homes in Cyprus, weather you need an extension to your existing house, a new office, shop or a new permanent home – steel frame structures is the answer.

For the price of 850 Euro per sq.m we will offer you a fully finished property starting from the concrete basement, until all the finishing works – sanitary, tiles, wardrobes, kitchen cupboard – a turnkey solution for your home or business.

Steel is practical

Not only your skeleton of your future home will be build in 2 weeks,  but you will get a turnkey solution and your future house fully finished in 3-5 months only, saving you money for the rentals you will pay, and an overall excellent value for the money you will pay for the construction.

A steel frame is stronger than wood

Steel framing material is significantly stronger than wood. In fact, it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any residential building material. So you know your home is more solid with steel.

Your steel framed home is safer in earthquakes

Unlike wood framed homes, a steel framed home can be engineered for the highest seismic rating available for residential construction. Steel’s strength and resiliency are part of the reason, plus the way a steel frame is constructed and fastened to the foundation. The strength of steel is unquestionable, 21 times more flexible than timber and 10 times more than  reinforced concrete (concrete + steel reinforcing)

Steel is unaffected by changes in the weather

Individual members of a wood-framed home react differently and in varying degrees to climactic changes. This wood movement (expansion, contraction, warping, twisting, etc.) is noticeable as bulges in the wall, wallboard blemishes, sagging and squeaking floors, and wavy ceilings and roofs. Fifty years from now, your roof’s ridgeline will be just as straight and true, as the day it was completed.

Steel doesn’t fuel a fire

Steel framing won’t burn and add fuel to a fire. In some areas, a steel framed home may qualify for lower Homeowner and Builders risk insurance rates.

Easier remodeling

Steel framing also provides you with a structure that can easily adapt to a family’s changing needs. Additions or renovations are simpler because you can unscrew rather than rip apart walls. A steel framed home may be finished in stucco, wood, grafioto, brick, siding or any other material you can name. Plus steel framing allows greater flexibility during design, construction and remodeling, including more open space and larger rooms.

Steel framing leads the way in conservation of resources

With a frame made of Red Iron and galvanized steel, you not only have a stronger and longer lasting home, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that steel is the most recycled material in the world. More steel is recycled than paper, aluminum, glass and plastic combined. In the last decade, over one trillion pounds of steel were recycled. The steel used in framing contains recycled materials. This helps conserve the planet’s dwindling supply of forests, and yet has no ill effects on the quality of the steel!