False, suspended ceilings Cyprus

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The ceiling design is a fantastic way to add character and make a certain focus in a chosen area in a room.
All this is possible thanks to the drywall building, allowing the creation of unique solutions for modern beautiful ceiling that reflects the concept of a room lighting.
With suspended ceilings – one or on several levels, with inbuit lights a room can obtain its own unique style.
Suspended ceilings – a modern contemporary solution that offers a lot of freedom and uniqueness of each. The ceiling is the one that determines how a room will look one room. Its shape, color, and even games with shadows that can be seen in the abstract architecture are what gives the overall appearance of a room, what characterizes it.

 Suspended ceiling provides a good opportunity to cover the cracks to hide the plumbing, air ducts, bumps, holes and damaged parts of the electrical system suitable for outdoor viewing.