Home Automations Systems in Cyprus

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Home automation systems can make anyone’s life easier with hands-off control of nearly every light and appliance in your home.
Concerns over excessive energy expenditures at home and wondering whether or not you closed the garage door are forever banished with home automation systems. These high-tech solutions help you to bring the “Home of the Future” from so many world fairs to your own residence, placing every light, appliance and device in your home at your command. With home automation software that allows you to create scripted events and macros, the possibilities for automated intelligent home control are quite nearly limitless

A Home Automation System is always tailored to meet the user requirements. A fully integrated Home Automation System can include the following electromechanical systems, but not limited to:
•         Lighting System
o   Intelligent Switching
o   Dimming and Scene Control
•         Cooling System
o   Controlling the central cooling system
•         Heating System
o   Controlling the central heating system
•         Shading Systems
o   Controlling electric shutters
o   Controlling electric blinds
o   Controlling curtains
•         Irrigation System
•         Swimming Pools
•         Energy Management & Monitoring
•         Audio System
o   Audio source and multi-room distribution systems
•         Video System
o   Video source, display and multi-room high definition distribution systems
•         Security Systems
o   Burglar Alarm System
o   Fire Alarm System
o   CCTV System
o   Access Control System
o   Intercom System