Venetian stucco and decorative plasters in Cyprus

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Venetian stucco is an artistic miracle which is suitable for any rich luxury and sophisticated interior.

Venetian stucco, or, as formerly called, Roman stucco or ancient stucco, is a miracle born from incredible ability to create and execute by Stucco decorator Masters, who just using slaked lime added to marble powder and natural pigments, could create a unique effect for your interior.

This incredible wall covering was developed by the Venetians.

It is in this period, the 14th Century, so rich and full of value that even the minor artists of the time are awakened. The Venetian painters of the time are open to new experience and seek new stucco, which, with its beauty and warmth could lend itself to the large frescos and great works of the age. A stucco capable of enduring over time. A stucco capable of expressing a refined elegance.

So it was that the Venetian painters began to work on a blend of the finest marbles, powders, and lime to obtain a mixture  which has become legendary, and known as Venetian stucco. They also discovered the technique for the application of this stucco to the wall: a technique which conceals a thousand little secrets much effort and much time: a technique which over time had been, however, lost and forgotten.

This ancient material originating from lime and marble can be brought to a high polish, a low polish, a matte finish and be smooth or granular to the touch. Natural lime plasters have been around since the Egyptians but the Venetians in the 16th Century took it to new levels by adding natural colour pigment.

Create an accent wall in your house with Venetial Spatula.
We can propose you the services for the application of the Ventetian spatula for the cost of 50-60 Euro per sq.m, this price includes the labour and the matterials. For more informtion please CONTACT US