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Building steel frame houses in Cyprus

We are proposing you the unlimited opportunities that steel frame has to offer.

As the most developing and successful building technique on the market we are offering you the services of building steel frame houses in Cyprus, weather you need an extension to your existing house, a new office, shop or a new permanent home – steel frame structures is the answer.

For the price of 900-1000 Euro per sq.m we will offer you a fully finishing property starting from the concrete basement, until all the finishing works – sanitary, tiles, wardrobes, kitchen cupboard – a turnkey solution for your home or business.

–          Steel is practical and cheaper in comparison with the standard methods of building

–          A steel frame is stronger than wood

–          Your steel framed home is safer in earthquakes

–          Steel is unaffected by changes in the weather

–          Steel doesn’t fuel a fire

–          Easier remodeling and any design ideas can be realized with the steel frame

–          Steel framing leads the way in conservation of natural resources as the most recycled material

Steel is the most durable construction materials and more important is not new in construction offering you an absolutely safe choice as a building method

For more information for steel frame homes, please send us an email with your contact details and we will send you a brochure with information. – Contact US

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