Thermal facade with polystyrene or rock wool

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Upgrade the thermal class of your home !

The insulation of your walls and roof play an important role for the environment of your home. To improve the temperature and save energy we recommend you to install thermal facade system with polystyrene or rock wool, so you can upgrade the energy efficiency class of your home.

Installing thermal polystyrene panels will instantly renew completely the facade of your house and will improve the climate, ensuring cool summers and warm winters. By installing polystyrene facade you will also save problems like damp or condensation which causes mold.

We can finish your facade reconstruction with grafiato or paint or other decorative materials according to your taste. We are using the best systems on the market of Cyprus as Knauf, Baumit, Mapetherm or Ceresit.
As a construction company based in Limassol, we undertake renovations and construction projects in all areas of Cyprus.

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